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  • 빅데이터 관련 사례 및 연구 | Cases and Studies on Big Data | 大数据的研究和最佳实践

    date : 2018-01-14 22:45|hit : 2404
    Study] Study on Media Frame of News in Politics, Culture and Economy with Big Data Analysis
    Study on Media Frame of News in Politics, Culture and Econom with Big Data Analysis

    GunWoo Kim, itproanalysis@gmail.com, Bachelor of Political Science and Diplomacy, Myongji University, Thejoeun IT Academy
    SukJoon Ahn, analyst1121@gmail.com, Master of Business Administration, Inha University, Thejoeun IT Academy
    (Corresponding author) hyejung.moon@gmail.com Ph D. of Public Policy, Adjunct Professor

    In 2017, the Republic of Korea is undergoing a democratic change of
    government. And series of events since 2016 has brought changes in society,
    politics, economy and culture. This study focuses on the timing of these changes
    and analyzes the words used in the media from 2015 to June 2017, which shows
    the change of keywords and related words in the category, in order to analyze
    the frame change of periodical media. The research was conducted according to
    Atteveldt(2008)'s methodology, semantic network analysis, network analysis and
    emotional analysis. The data collection tool for keyword selection was the Web
    Crawler implemented by the researcher directly in Python and Extracted about
    1.8 million cases from Daum news. Nine kinds of keywords were selected from
    Crawling data. The keyword was 'Activity', 'Festival', 'Youth', 'Industry', 'Growth',
    'Market', 'Power', 'Jaein, Moon', 'Impeachment'. By next step, the researcher
    analyzed 1.6 million articles (title, media, press, news) linked from 2015 to 2017
    enlisted on BigKinds, a news platform run by the Korea Press Foundation, based
    on selected keywords above. One of the example of analysis is 'Impeachment'
    keyword. Negative expression about 'Impeachment' increased by 4.7% in 2017
    compared to 2016, suggesting that the frame of the press recently became more
    free to express negative emotions in 2017. This study was conducted in a short
    period of time until June 2017, and if further research is conducted on
    long-term, more depth analysis could be achieved.

    Key words: big data, semantic network analysis, network analysis, media frame,
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