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  • 빅데이터 관련 사례 및 연구 | Cases and Studies on Big Data | 大数据的研究和最佳实践

    date : 2018-01-14 22:55|hit : 2474
    Study] Study on Industrial Trend through Big Data Analysis of Financial Network
    Study on Industrial Trend through Big Data Analysis of Financial Network

    KIM BYEONG LO, kimbl1990@naver.com Bachelor of Business, SKKU, Thejoen IT Academy
    SEO JONG HOON, siriussea@naver.com Bachelor of Intelligence and Electronic, Dongone University, Thejoen IT Academy
    HYEJUNG MOON, hyejung.moon@gmail.com Corresponding author, Ph D. of Public Policy, Adjunct Professor in Seoul
    University of Science & Technology, President of ILP, Director of Will-Be Solution

    This study analyzes network of the major shareholder related issues in the financial market and analyzes
    the changes of business such as business type and theme by observing the characteristics of large
    shareholder network through big data analysis. Specifically, we use big data to analyze what characteristics of
    a particular major shareholders are when particular major shareholders own ownership of a group affiliate, and
    what characteristics of the network of the companies included in a particular industry or theme are. Although
    there have been a lot of studies on the analysis of corporate value through major shareholder analysis,
    research on characteristics of major shareholder networks and characteristics of networks among companies in
    the industry are still insignificant for all companies listed on KOSPI and KOSDAQ. The research subjects are
    all 2,200 companies listed on the stock market in 2017 and the 20,000 shareholders with the largest
    shareholders, more than 10% shareholders and more than 5% shareholders. We used the MySQL tool to store
    big data about major shareholder. We visualized it using NodeXL and R studio tools, which are representative
    big data analysis and visualization tools, to visually analyze major shareholder network characteristics. The
    theory of social network analysis theory, Axelrod. R's evolution of cooperation (1984), and A.L Barabasi
    (2002) 's network economic theory are used as the theoretical background. The characteristics of connectivity,
    centrality in social network analysis theory explain the characteristics of the stock market network and the
    major shareholder networks of each group affiliate. Axelrod. R's theory is able to explain co-operative
    relationships in these network features in terms of decision-making speed and innovation. The main results
    are as follows: First, major stockholder networks in the total stock market are grouped by specific major
    shareholders. Second, major shareholders have a different governance structure for each affiliate or company,
    indicating that a particular company or affiliate has different characteristics depending on the essence of the
    major shareholder network. Third, the networks of companies belonging to different industries and themes
    have different characteristics. This implies that the type and nature of the networks among industries are
    different from each other and the cooperation relationships among companies in the industry are also different.

    Key word: Big Data, Stock, Major Stockholder, Network Analysis, Theme Analysis
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