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  • | Interdisciplinary Studies in Gambling | Υ学Ρ研ϼ

    date : 2017-03-17 22:31|hit : 2371
    Big data Analysis on Gambling related News in Korea

    The purpose of this study is to understand the recognition of gambling industry through the semantic analysis of news data about lottery, sports promotion, horse racing and casino reported from 1990 to 2015 in Korea. This paper revealed the difference between journalists intention and public's perception about news by analyzing the frequency and connectivity of news with framing and publics interest through semantic network analysis and explored the policy characteristics and innovation task. The result of analysis, news on lottery game mainly has been reported social issue related with win such as 'winning number', 'prize money', 'suspicion of manipulation' and etc. News on sports betting has been reported mandatory information related with business project and illegal site such as 'bidding', 'illegal site', 'sales target' and etc. News on horse racing has been reported the information about the business advertisement such as 'online race track' and 'promotion'. Lastly, casino related news has been reported major information' such as illegality', 'gambling place' and 'foreigner'. As a result of times series analysis, news on casino in the 1990s, news on lottery in the 2000s and news on horse racing in 2010s have been increased. Public's interest also has been moved to 'business scandal', 'winning game', 'citizens campaign' and etc. Gambling related news has been classified by four types, 1. advertising publicity, 2. mandatory information, 3. social issue(public agenda), 4. major information. We could get the insight that news can be formed a public agenda, when news is reported as a social issue with high frequency and public's interest like lottery related news.

    Keywords : gambling; lottery; news; public policy; big data  alaysis; frame theory
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