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  • Graduate School of Public Policy about Sport, Culture & Lottery

    Business Overview

    Objectives & Vision
    ILP has been training the world’s first experts who study for a master’s and doctorate in the Lottery and Gambling industry at the Graduate school of Public Policy and Information Technology at Seoul National University of Science & Technology (www.seoultech.ac.kr) from 2015. The name of department is “Sports culture and Lottery policy” and students learn law and regulations, business management, product development, promotion & marketing and governance.

    Main education
    Curriculum of Department of Sports culture and Lottery policy is following:
    1. Law and regulation: law, system, organization, etc. of gambling industry
    2. Business management: management of license, organization and business operating, etc
    3. Product and technique: product development, winning structure design, game development, distribution and sale, draw, prize money payment, etc
    4. Promotion & marketing: consumer management, advertising and promotion, strategy and marketing, etc
    5. Governance: global standard, global compliance, etc