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  • Institute of Lottery Policy

    Business Overview

    Objectives & Vision
    ILP was established with a fund under the Laboratory based foundation from a Small and Medium Business Administration on August 27, 2009. ILP provides consulting services by utilizing information technology and big data analysis techniques in the lottery and gaming industry. We take the lead in implementing a trusted system base on responsible gaming cultural background.

    Main activities
    The essential businesses of ILP are as follows:
    1. Sharing Knowledge and information on the gaming market (i.e. lottery, horse racing, sports betting, etc.).
    2. Provide Education and Training on gaming (i.e. lottery horse racing, sports betting, etc.) via our knowledgeable experts.
    3. Policy development and proposal on the gaming market.
    4. Publishing of professional literature on the gaming market.
    5. Provision of consulting services in the area of Public relations, Support and Consulting services to the operating agencies.